Other than accounting services in Singapore, Bestar also offers other professional services including bookkeeping, tax planning, corporate secretarial services, and outsourced payroll services. Bestar has developed a reputation for professional excellence through the high quality of services they perform for their clients and they seek to bring greater value propositions to their clients, and create synergistic benefits for all professional outsourcing needs.

Their client base of Bestar’s accounting services in Singapore reflects the range of their expertise, and they include:

  • Individuals
  • Medical and Dental Practices
  • Retailers
  • Estates
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Wholesalers
  • Commercial Organizations
  • Construction Companies


List of Client Services:


  • Set up the chart of accounts
  • Record all payments and funds received
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliation statements
  • Record all sales and trade debtors
  • Record all purchases and trade creditors
  • Record prepayments and accruals
  • Record all assets purchased and related depreciation
  • Record all Goods and Services Tax on the taxable purchases/supplies (if applicable)
  • Extract monthly trial balances and general ledger

Management Reports

  • Compile profit and loss account and balance sheet
  • Generate aged analysis of debtors and creditors
  • Prepare and submit quarterly GST returns (if applicable)

Statutory Accounting

  • Preparation of financial statements under XBRL format (an ACRA requirement)
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements which includes the consolidated cash flow statement, consolidated statement of changes in equity and notes to the financial statements in compliance with the FRSs
  • Review and computation of tax and deferred tax provisions for inclusion into the financial statements
  • Re-measure accounts to functional currency
  • Complete consolidation and head office reporting packages

  • Secondment of staff to assist in accounting work to relieve clients when faced with unexpected staff turnover or staff leave problems

Scope of Services include:

  • Maintaining statutory records for incorporated companies
  • Filing of accounts/relevant forms with ACRA
  • Preparing board resolutions and shareholders’ resolutions
  • Attending and recording minutes of board and shareholders’ meetings
  • Advising/updating clients on compliance with the Companies Act
  • Incorporation of private companies
  • Registration of foreign companies
  • Registration (and renewal) of Representative Offices.
  • Applications for Employment Passes, Dependant Passes and Permanent Residence in Singapore
  • Striking-off of private limited companies
  • Members’ Voluntary Liquidation
  • Capital reduction
  • Registered office address and facilities
  • Acting as company secretaries for companies
  • Arranging for nominee directors

We can assist you in processing the payment of your employee expense claims and vendor invoices such as:-

  • Payment of invoices and employee expense claims
  • Issue of payment vouchers and prepare cheques
  • Mail signed cheques to payees, or remit funds by telegraphic transfer
  • Compute net salary and CPF
  • payroll reports and finance journals
  • Handle payment of net salary and CPF via our client trust account, including deposit of net pay into employees’ bank accounts and issuance of confidential pay slips (hardcopy or electronic)
  • Prepare year-end IR8A and IR8S (hardcopy or electronic)
  • Prepare IR21 and other payroll related forms – NS MUP, GML, CPF Joint Application, CPF Refunds
  • Manage E-leave

Our in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in complying with tax regulations locally will ensure tax compliance on all counts ultimately giving you peace of mind.

To meet your taxation needs, we can advise and assist you in:


  • Corporate tax
  • Partnership tax
  • Personal income tax

Tax Consulting

  • Effective tax structuring/re-structuring and planning for local and cross-border transactions
  • Tax efficient employment packages
  • Accounting tax provision


  • Tax incentives application
  • General tax consultancy
  • Filing Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
  • Preparing tax computation

Our Actuarial service team specializes in helping financial services companies / providers in Life, Property & Casualty insurance, Retirement services, as well as with Healthcare plans and providers.

We specialize in providing services that enhance our client’s management of risk and allow them to make informed business decisions

We use advanced statistical techniques to analyze large quantities of internal and external information to unlock previously unknown, but meaningful, business relationships allowing clients to significantly improve profitability. Risk quantification and dynamic financial modelling of risk outcomes provide management with tools required for more informed business decisions.

We combine global insight and local reach to assist financial services and insurance clients in developing and validating strategies to make sound decisions. The outcome of this collaboration is important to the success of your enterprise.

Our areas of Engagement include the following services:

Insurance underwriting and claims
Price optimization
Safety analytics
Changes to financial reporting methods
Performance improvement
Transaction support

Listed Companies & Named Company Secretary Services

  • Listed Companies & Named Company Secretary Services

    Bestar offers a comprehensive suite of services for your company before and after listing, from restructuring prior to flotation to essential support and outsourcing of functions on listing. Bestar’s highly experienced and qualified executives ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, and may act as Named Company Secretary for you as required. Our services include the following:

    • Handling of share repurchase and issuance mandates
    • Communicating with the Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) and regulatory bodies on transactions and disclosure requirements and preparation of circulars and public announcements
    • Establishment and maintenance of Registers/Index Books and preparation of all material necessary to comply with the Securities and Futures Ordinance
    • Handling of other special transactions such as disclosure of notifiable transactions, adoption of share option schemes, bonus issue of shares and warrants, payment of cash and/or scrip dividend, amendment of memorandum and articles of association or bye-laws and changes of corporate structure, etc.

In general, Bestar provides a complete full range of services in professional accounting services in Singapore for both individuals and businesses, including bookkeeping, corporate secretarial and tax planning services.